Simply put, I love to make great images. Whether they be moving or still, finding unique and interesting ways to look at the world continues to motivate me every day.

I’m grateful to have made a successful career out of something I fell in love with early in life. The continual evolution of my work and the medium itself is always a great motivator.

I began in photojournalism but always felt a strong desire to explore other areas of photography. In the past few years I have moved into video work, first as an experiment to see if I would even like the process and found that it was a very natural fit for my style.  With video, I’ve found I can communicate on many more levels creatively and emotionally, so there’s a deeper satisfaction with the final product that is more complete than it is with still images.

Of course, you never forget your first love and my heart will always be in still photography. The challenges are much different, and in some ways more complex, trying to convey a client’s message with a single frame.  The opportunity to work in both formats allows me to offer more to my clients and find new ways to tell visual stories.

I work with some talented people and can put together a team of professionals to produce projects on any scale.

You will find some older work on this site, but mostly I like to share what is newer. Rather than recite my tired bio info about the celebrities I’ve worked with and the crazy things that have happened over the years, just take a look at the work and judge for yourself, because that’s really what it’s all about. 

-Tim De Frisco